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Easy Knit Patterns

Take it from me.....people start to knit for many different reasons.

To stop smoking????
To stop eating in the evenings????
 It is something you have always wanted to do???
It's going to be the outlet for your creativity????
Because you want to have garments that are individual????
Because you want to make presents for others??

Well........this is where you start.....something nice and easy from Sirdar and Hayfield.

For our more experienced knitters.....you can watch the tele whilst knitting these?
Easy Knit Patterns - BabiesEasy Knit Patterns - Babies
Sirdar and Hayfield knitting patterns for the starter or less experienced knitter wishing to knit baby garments.
Easy Knit Patterns - Men and BoysEasy Knit Patterns - Men and Boys
'Nice and Easy' does it for the lads in our lives from Sirdar and Hayfield.
Easy Knit Patterns - Women and GirlsEasy Knit Patterns - Women and Girls
Sirdar and Hayfield have commissioned many wonderful, yet easy knit patterns for starting or more experienced knitters to create stylish garments.
Sirdar Book 417 - Perfect Spring Knits - Sirdar Country Style DKSirdar Book 417 - Perfect Spring Knits - Sirdar Country Style DK

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