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Scarf Yarns

Sirdar Scarf yarns include Taffetta, Spellbound and Shaggy, all include patterns on the ball band. This is a great way to come back into knitting. Easy to complete, and they make a lovely gift.

727 - The First Sublime Eden Design Book727 - The First Sublime Eden Design Book
Sirdar Colourwheel Dazzle DK 150g - RRP £12.27 OUR CLEARANCE PRICE £3.99Sirdar Colourwheel Dazzle DK 150g - RRP £12.27 OUR CLEARANCE PRICE £3.99
Colourwheel Dazzle is our much loved Colourwheel yarn with an added sparkle! What's not to love? Dazzle comes in 6 gorgeous shades, each one with a sparkly thread running through it. Shades include he fun brights of Tropical Twist and Paradise Island, and the calmer shades of Sparkling Seas and Pretty in Pink. You can get knitting straight away with the free ball band pattern for a pretty lace scarf!
Sirdar Colourwheel DK 150g - RRP £11.08 - OUR CLEARANCE PRICE £3.75Sirdar Colourwheel DK 150g - RRP £11.08 - OUR CLEARANCE PRICE £3.75
Sirdar Colourwheel is a gloriously vibrant colour effect double knitting yarn. This incredible yarn comes in a range of 6 wonderfully colourful shades. Colourwheel is a cake yarn so the true effect of each of the shades can be seen from the ball! What’s more, as well as there been a collection of patterns with one ball accessory designs there is also a free pattern for a wrap on the ball band!
Sirdar Spellbound Scarf - OUR PRICE £7.99Sirdar Spellbound Scarf - OUR PRICE £7.99
Sirdar Spellbound is a softly brushed lace scarf yarn with a magical twist - it comes in 4 totally desirable shades with a dusting of glitter designed to catch the light majestically. Spellbound can be knitted into a gorgeous twirly scarf or a stylish straight shape. When you knit together the edge of the lace, layer upon layer of beautifully iridescent waves begin to appear. We’ve put easy to follow instructions on the inside of the packaging so you’ll have everything you need to create your own Spellbound scarf…. and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.
Sublime Eden DK 150g  - RRP £21.17 - OUR PRICE £19.99Sublime Eden DK 150g - RRP £21.17 - OUR PRICE £19.99
Sublime Eden is an incredibly special yarn. It has a beautiful wool and cotton blend creating a fabric that has the most impeccable stitch definition, whilst remaining wonderfully light.

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